Goodbye to endless electric bills

Hello to saving money with solar energy

Are you frustrated with paying high electric bills every time there’s a heat wave? Are you sick and tired of fluctuating bills every month? Do you feel like you’re just dumping money into the electric company with no end in sight?


Are you ready to change the cycle?

Hi. My name is Isaac Grossman. I am a solar consultant with a passion for helping people save money on their electricity. I founded Matrix Energy Hub because I want to help you become your own energy supplier. You can stop paying energy bills that are unpredictable and skyrocketing in extreme weather.

Our core beliefs

You deserve to understand exactly what solar energy means and how it will help you save money.

I explain everything in the simplest terms to ensure you know your options.

Changing to solar energy should be easy.

I take care of everything from installation to financing to getting the right permits so that you don’t need to stress about anything.

You need a plan that is customized according to your specific needs.

We will explore what you are looking for to ensure the plan is customized for your needs. 

Why work with me?

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0% Down

There is no deposit or upfront payment. 

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30 Year Warrenty

You’re covered for a free replacement if anything breaks in the next thirty years. 

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No Extra Charges

You will not be charged for any part of the installation, site inspection or permits. 

Get The Best Deal

I work with the top lenders and manufacturers to provide you with the best options. 

“I’m thrilled that I decided to switch to solar. My monthly electric bills have significantly decreased; some month’s I even get credit from the electric company instead of paying them. The customer service I received from Isaac was exceptional and made the transition seamless. He was responsive and went above and beyond to ensure my satisfaction. It was a great experience, and I am really enjoying the solar benefits.”

Jacob Rosenberg

“I was initially concerned about whether the solar panels would work and provide the energy savings I was hoping for. Isaac was excellent, from explaining every detail of the way to ensuring everything went smoothly.
We now have the nicest black panels on the block, it’s working 100% as expected, and we are so happy to be producing our own energy. Isaac is the best in the industry, and I highly recommend him to anyone considering solar panels.”

Jay Gruen

What does the process look like?

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We will review your electric bill to see how much electricity you use, the direction of your roof, and if your house qualifies and is a good fit for solar panels. 

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Savings Report

You will receive a customized price quote with different design and financing options. It will include a comparison of what you currently use and what you are projected to pay in the upcoming years if you choose not to go solar.  

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Approval Process

We will help you determine your eligibility and the best financing plan for your budget.

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Site Survey

A site surveyor will conduct a site survey of your roof, ensure it’s in good condition for solar panels, and take measurements.


An engineering and architecture design will be submitted to your local township to obtain the permits necessary to install the solar system.

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Once the permits are approved, our installers will reach out to schedule an installation date.

Power On-System Activation

Get the power on and enjoy clean solar energy

Are you ready to start saving?

Contact us to hear how much you can save monthly.

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