Some of our frequently asked questions:

About Matrix Energy Hub:

Matrix Energy has been in business for four years. Our founders have 10+ years of experience in the solar energy industry.

Our headquarters are in Arizona, New York, and New Jersey, but we have reps, project managers, operation managers, and installation crews around the country.

We install solar almost nationwide in areas where solar is allowed. We have 100+ project managers and 6000 consultants around the country. To find out about your location, fill out the form on our Contact Us page. We’ll get back to you within 48 hours.

Getting Started with Solar:

That’s a great question, and there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. Every home is unique! When you request a solar quote, we analyze your electricity usage and roof direction to give you the most accurate quote for your home’s system. We’ll send you a custom solar savings report within 48 hours.

Simply fill out the form on our Contact Us page. Make sure to upload a recent electric bill. Within 48 hours, one of our reps will send your custom savings report and review all your solar options. A rep will reach out sooner if we have any questions.

Nothing! It’s a free service that we provide. Fill out the contact form on our Contact Us page and send a recent electric bill. We’ll get to work as soon as we receive it!

Your electric bill shows us how much electricity your home used in the past twelve months. Based on that information, we can accurately determine the size of your solar energy system and your monthly payments. Without the electric bill, it’s just a guess!

Your savings report is a customized price quote with different design and financing options. It will include a comparison of what you currently pay for electricity, what you’ll pay if you install solar, and what you are projected to pay if you choose not to go solar.  

Most homes are eligible, but not all. Fill out our contact form with all the requested information, and we’ll let you know within 48 hours if you’re eligible.

It varies by location. Typically, the entire process, from consultation to installation, takes 60-90 days, but it could be faster or slower depending on local township requirements. We work quickly, but we rely on the local township for permitting.

Fill out our contact form, and a rep will reply within 48 hours. You can also use this direct scheduling link.

Solar Energy:

Having solar panels is like having your own electric power plant! Solar panels convert sunlight into electricity. You use that electricity to power your home instead of paying for electricity from the grid.

Every scenario is different. Once we finalize your design, we will let you know exactly how much of your electricity usage will be covered by solar energy. In most cases, we get 100% coverage from solar.

Absolutely! Solar is one of the best investments you can make. You’ll save thousands over the years and avoid utility rate increases.


  1. Solar panels can produce some energy as long as it’s light outside, even without direct sunlight.
  2. Before we design a system, we analyze the weather patterns in your city. We know how many sunny days and cloudy days there are, on average. Then we design the system to store extra electricity to cover the cloudy days.

Solar panels will work during a blackout if you have a back-up storage battery.

Solar panels are nearly maintenance-free. In the rare event that a connection breaks or a squirrel chews a wire, you’re covered under our 30-year warranty.

Roof Replacement:

An old roof is not eligible for solar, but our roofers can install a new roof and include it as part of your solar project. You’ll still pay $0 out of pocket!

We will bundle the new roof with the solar project and do both jobs for you. We also offer roof rebates. That means if you did the new roof with another company, we can send you a rebate check in that amount after solar installation.

Before every project, we send roofers to do a site survey. They’ll determine if you need a new roof.


We use top equipment from top brands such as REC, QCells, Enphase, and SolarEdge.

We install top-rated inverters from Enphase and SolarEdge.

Sure thing! We install the top brands, including Enphase, SolarEdge, Tesla Powerwall, and Franklin.


We do solar! We handle the entire process from consultation to financing to permits to installation.

Currently not, although we will soon add more energy-saving services.

We do both residential and commercial solar.

Not at this time, but we are considering expanding into that market.

We do service calls if we installed the system. We currently don’t offer service calls for other systems.

Yes, at the time of the solar installation. Currently, we don’t do it as a separate service.

Our warranty will cover any leak caused by the solar installation or solar roof penetrations. If you have a leak, call us to schedule a service call.

Financing, Incentives, & Warranties:

Yes, all options are available.

Your custom saving report will include several financing options. In most cases, we can install the system with $0 down.

Yes, there are incredible federal and state incentives, including tax credits, tax rebates, and electricity credits. The programs vary by state. We’ll let you know about all your applicable incentives and help you enroll in the federal and state programs.

Yes. We offer a 30-year warranty!

Solar installation in action

This could be on your roof-contact us for more information

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